Second Potluck a HUGE Success!

The second Westcott Community Center Potluck was a HUGE success. We were really pleased at the 100+ turnout for the event, what a true representation of community! The food was such a delicious representation of our culinary diversity, delicious enough to inspire the possibility of a Co-op Member/owner cookbook! We were glad to see the Turkey that the Co-op contributed (cooked by our very own Travis Hance) being thoroughly enjoyed. A big thank you to everyone involved; Kim Jackson from the Westcott Community Center for helping us put this together, The Erwin Methodist Church for the last minute folding chairs they provided, The Citizens Campaign for the Environment for the folding chairs they provided, all the Co-op staff who provided so much support throughout the whole event, all the last minute volunteers who put in so much time to make the night a success, and especially the folks who came just a bit to late and were turned away at the door. This event was twice the size of the last and we were not as prepared as we would have liked to be. Next time promises to be a little different. We really are very glad to see the transforming power of food and community working together so nicely!

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