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Support Rural America

Green Rabbit Farm, supplier of some of the Co-op's wonderful local veggies, sent this out to its mailing list today. I figured readers of this blog would be interested...
Support Rural America



Co-op Happenings....

The Co-op has been quite active lately, its time for the blog to catch up. Last night we held our Fall General Membership Meeting at the Westcott Cinema. We screened the movie Black Gold. Over 60 members enjoyed good conversation, locally grown popcorn, Fair Trade coffee, a eye opening documentary, and a chance to nominate themselves for the Board of Directors. Co-op member Stefanie Noble decided she was going to throw her hat in the ring nominate herself for one of the open positions. More information about the election will be available soon.

On Sunday night we held our 2nd annual Harvest Dinner at
BC Restaurant. A big thanks to the farmers who participated, the folks who came for the farmers food and the Bill Collins of bc for preparing a wonderful meal. (pictures to follow)


Fall Membership Meeting

Join us on Nov. 13 at 6pm for a Meeting and a Movie. We are holding our Fall o6 Membership Meeting at the Westcott Cinema this year, it should be a great night. We will be showing Black Gold.


Best of Syracuse

The finals are here! The current issue of the Syracuse New Times contains the ballot for the final voting, pick one up today!

We are up for 6 of the categories:

1. Best Neighborhood Market

2. Best Health Food Store

3. Best Place to Pick Up The New Times

4. Best Place for Vegetarian/Vegan Food

5. Best Gift Shop

6. Best Produce

Thanks for your support Syracuse!


Co-op Potluck!

It is time for a potluck!
10.22.06 / 1:30pm - 4:30pm / Westcott Community Center

This is going to be a FUN event!


Local Apples!

Check out the Co-op's LOCAL APPLES today!

Best of Syracuse

The Syracuse New Time's Best of Syracuse nominations are in, and the Co-op is up for 6 AWARDS! The contest will be holding a final vote
in the Oct. 18 issue of the New Times.

Support the Co-op and Vote!

We are up for...

Best Health Food Store
Best Place to Pick up the Syracuse New Times
Best Vegetarian / Vegan Food
Best Produce
Best Neighborhood Market
Best Gift Shop

Thank you for your support!


Learn about Local Weeds!

Wise Woman Herbalist, and Co-op Member, Marie Summerwood is holding a Weed Walk in the Morningside Community Garden. The event is being held Oct. 5 at 5pm.

Marie will teach you about many local plants and just how useful they are. Marie has studied herbal medicine for over 20 years.

The Morningside Community Garden is located behind the Ed Smith Elementary School on Broad St.(below the water towers).

If you are interested please RSVP at 315.472.1385


Local Farm Profile

Click here to learn more about one of our great CNY Family Farms and their role in Organic Valley. Organic Valley, being a cooperative of family farmers, is a company we firmly stand behind. We carry a number of Organic Valley products in the store, I personally love the milk!


Seasonal Cooking

This educational video is part of a series available on youtube.com. Kevin Snow puts on a great show, enjoy and look for more to come.



Cheese of the day: Morbier (moor-bee-ay)

A rich semi-soft cheese that tastes of nuts and fruit with an aroma of freshly-mowed hay. Morbier is named after the French town of its origin.

Historically the producers of the cheese would cover the curd at night with ash in
order to preserve the moisture. The next morning the makers would then
add a fresh batch of curd to the top of the ash and let age. Morbier was then completed. An excellent selection for either a table cheese or melting on breads.

Matthew the SRFC cheese guy.


Taste of Westcott!

The Co-op participated in Syracuse University's The Taste of Westcott last night. The event is put together each year in order to connect area food based businesses to SU students. This year they connected 700+ hungry students with several area greats. I must say we were a big hit, I have seen pirana with less of an appitite! Adam, Lori and Kris (me) were busy from start to finish feeding the masses.


Best of Syracuse - New Times

Its Best of Syracuse time again! Todays New Times has the first ballot for the Best of Syracuse. Can you thnk of your favorite...coffee joint, fresh bread spot, best produce, best gift shop, best neighborhood market, best health food store, best place to pick up Syracuse New Times, best place to hide a body? Follow the rules and make sure you pick at least 30.


Add yourself to our Co-op Friends map!

We want to see where our friends are! Add yourself to our map directly to the right of this posting so we can take a look at how far our network ranges.


Write to the New Leaf

Lets keep the conversation going. Post replys to this blog, write letters to The New Leaf (our newsletter), talk to the staff. The thing that seperates us from other stores that sell similar products is the fact that we are a cooperative. Lets celebrate the challange that presents to us, lets COOPERATE!


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