2006 Seed List

Here is our 2006 Seed List, they will be available in about 3 weeks...

205PO Provider Bush Green Bean OG
280NO Northeaster Pole Bean OG
*299WI Windsor Fava Bean
*318SR Scarlet Runner Bean

564KK Kandy Korn Yellow Sweet Corn
*679PB Pennsylvania Dutch Butter Flavored Popcorn ECO

842MM Mammoth Melting Sugar Snow Pea
892NP Sugarsnap Snap Pea

*908JL Jenny Lind Muskmelon ECO
*1118PC Peace Watermelon

1313MO Marketmore 76 Slicing Cucumber OG

Summer Squash
1434CZ Cocozelle Zucchini
1522SP Seneca Prolific Yellow Summer Squash

Winter Squash
1608TQ Table Queen Acorn Winter Squash
1649BD Bush Delicata Winter Squash
1752HO Howden Pumpkin OG

2050NF Nantes Fancy Carrot
2121RO Red Ace Beet OG
2282SR Shinden Risoh Daikon Radish
2439EV Evergreen Hardy White Scallion

2550TY Tyee Spinach
2723SO Salad Bowl Lettuce OG
2729RO Red Salad Bowl Lettuce OG
2754PZ Prizehead Lettuce
2760RS Red Sails Lettuce
2811BU Buttercrunch Butterhead Lettuce
2981LO Lettuce Mix OG
2983MM Mustard Mix
3023AO Arugula OG

3031FG Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard
3036BL Bright Lights Swiss Chard
3051CH Champion Collards
3158GI Gigante d’Italia Parsley
3166FG Forest Green Parsley
3228MZ Mizuna
3383RO Red Russian Kale OG
*3390WV Early White Vienna Kohlrabi
3410PK Packman Broccoli
*3573GR Graffiti Cauliflower
3586WB Winterbor Kale

*3722PB Purple Beauty Sweet Pepper
*3753CO Czech Black Hot Pepper OG

4125HO Heinz 2653 Paste Tomato OG
4260BF Big Beef Tomato
4282SG Sun Gold Cherry Tomato

Herbs & Flowers
4415WO Sweet Basil OG
4519CO Cilantro OG
4525CO Purple Coneflower OG
4542MM Mammoth Dill
4586VO Lavender OG
4657RM Rosemary
4665SO Broadleaf Sage OG
4644SO Stinging Nettle OG
4686SJ St Johnswort
5083LB Lemon Beauty Calendula
5140SM Sensation Mix Cosmos
5198BC Blue Cloud Larkspur
5254CR Tall African Crackerjack Mix Marigold
5272HB Clarke’s Heavenly Blue Morning Glory
5288JM Jewel Mix Nasturtium
5352MB Mission Bells California Poppy
5400AB Autumn Beauty Mix Sunflower
5409GS Mammoth Grey Stripe Sunflower
5491SF State Fair Mix Zinnia
5864FB Monstrosum Fire Ball Strawflower
6336WF Wildflower Mix

*new for 2006


Anonymous said...

I'm assuming these will be available to purchase by weight in-store? And can you tell us where you are getting the seeds from? Thanks - franklen

bulk master said...

All of our seeds come from fedco seeds (www.fedcoseeds.com). The numbers next to the seeds are the fedco item numbers if you want to search their database.They have great descriptions and growing information. They will be available in store and are sold by the teaspoon/tablespoon depending on what it is. (example: 1 tablespoon snozzberries= 75 cents).

vegasgrrl said...

wondering if any of the co-op folks can tell me where I might buy organic dirt in/around Syracuse?