Old Chatham Sheepherding Company

Today we have two very special cheeses for tasting.

Hudson Valley Camembert is a mixed sheep and cow's milk cheese that is in the style of camembert. This cheese comes in a unique square format.

Mutton Buttons are creamy, rich sheep's milk cheeses in the style of Brie. These come in a very fun, small size that is just enough for two to snack on, or could make a light meal for one.

The Old Chatham company is located in the upper hudson valley area and have been in oeration since 1994. They produce true "farmstead" cheeses, meaning that the animals are located on the same sight as the creamery. All of the animals are grass fed, so you can taste a LOT of character in the cheeses, and the cow's milk in the Hudson Valley Camembert is from a neighboring farm's non-rBGH herd.

The Hudson Valley Camembert won "Best Cheese in America" in the 2001 United States Cheese Competition, and won "Best in Class" in the 2002 World Cheese Championship.

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