Fall Membership Meeting

Join us on Nov. 13 at 6pm for a Meeting and a Movie. We are holding our Fall o6 Membership Meeting at the Westcott Cinema this year, it should be a great night. We will be showing Black Gold.


Jill Hurst-Wahl said...

Hi...hope you'll post some of Sally's photos as blog entries and perhaps talk about those "gift" items that you have for the holiday.s

Anonymous said...

congrats to stephanie noble for being self nominated....
the movie was terrific. beautifully filmed and informative. music was quite lovely.
tadessee meskela should be an inspiration to us all. if you didnt see the film, it is worth seeking out. especially since most of us participate daily in the "coffee ritual" and we all need to be more aware of how our rituals/behaviors/choices affect the world.
i am also excited about the upcoming identification of foods from local sources by the coop...thanks to board, staff and members for your efforts and caring about what sustains us all..