The New Bulk Bins Are Here! The New Bulk Bins Are Here!

To anyone who may have come shopping on Weds. May 31: I'd like to assure you the Coop has not exploded! Many people have often joked that if we tried to fit anymore stuff or people in here that that very thing may happen, and it may have seemed that way from the state of the store for a day or two last week. What with the large boxes and stacks of shelves piled on the sidewalk. Bulk bins scattered throughout the store. Loads of tools and freezer installation men clogging the last aisle. Helpless employees trying to find a square inch of space to do their work.

We all know the Coop has been growing exponentially the past few years, and with fast growth can come the occasional growing pain, as evidenced by our store pouring out onto the sidewalk last Wednesday. But as Wednesday turned into Thursday the Coop elves were busy at work. By elves, of course, I mean a group of dedicated staff and volunteers who were gathered at a moments notice and worked into the wee hours of the morning. So come check out our new and improved bulk section as well as our expanded freezer section.

Thanks to Adam, Andrew, Chuck, Desira, Ryan, and Travis B. for making it happen, and Kenneth for the nice pic.

Bulk Master Flex


franklen said...

I can't wait to check this out my next time in the store. Do you guys have TVP crumbles in the bulk section now, or do we still just get the chunks (you can do so much so easier with the crumbles come on!)

Anonymous said...

show the moustaches, bulkmaster